What Mother's Day means to us

What Mother’s Day Means to Us

 Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to give thanks to our beautiful mothers, as well as the brilliant women all over the world injecting love and positivity into the lives of their children.

 Today, we wanted to tell you about another chapter of our story, and arguably one of the most important. Our mothers mean the world to us and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.

 Keep reading to hear about what Mother’s Day means to us, and discover a specially curated collection of Mother’s Day gift ideas and delights!

 Pride in strength and resilience

 Every family has their own challenges and their own journeys to face — ours have been no different. Both of our moms are breast cancer survivors and we couldn’t be prouder of them and their immense strength to take on any and every difficult moment. They’re strong, powerful and resilient, all while being infallibly elegant and brilliantly beautiful.

 Being a mother is one of the hardest jobs on earth, but our moms have truly mastered the art of mothering. Their names are Eileen and Kitty, and just like us, they’ve got a lot in common. The most powerful trait they share is determination, and we’re so proud of everything they’ve achieved and overcome.

 Friendship that feels like family

 If you’ve read our story so far, you’ll know we’ve been besties from the start. Our sisterly relationship has brought around many amazing things for us, including eventually starting this incredible journey together. But one of the best parts of having a lifelong best friend is having a lifelong second-mom to count on too when things are tough.

 We truly are like sisters, so each of our moms naturally feel like family too.

 Gifts for special mothers

 Our moms are big fans of WREN & CHAR, and not just because their daughters are running the show! The brand has proven popular with women everywhere of all ages, so we thought we’d pick out some amazing Mother’s Day gifts for our moms (and maybe yours!).

 Our first pick is this stunning  Maxi Dress in black for Alex’s mom, Kitty. Chic and elegant just like she is, it’s an absolute staple for both daytime and evening wear. Its soft rayon spandex fabric offers unbeatable comfort, so we knew Kitty would just adore it.

 For Eileen, Wrenna’s mom, we took comfort to the next level with the loungewear set of dreams. Our Brynne Satin set is a spring must-have, combining a dreamy relaxed fit and elasticated waistband with a beautiful ochre satin finish.

 If you’re looking for gifts that everyone will love, we always recommend our Relax + Beauty collection. Our bath and beauty products are ultra high quality and ethically made with a variety of products to suit everyone. We especially love to gift our Violets Are Blue Face and Body Lotion - a fail-safe for moms, sisters and aunts everywhere.

 Wrenna was actually born on Mother’s Day and was her parents’ first child. We always think about how special that must have been for her mom - the ultimate Mother’s Day gift, right? And while such a wonderful gift isn’t something you can go shopping for online, some WREN & CHAR goodies should more than make up for it!

 Thank you for taking the time to read a little more about our story and the strong women we came from. The gratitude we feel for them is just too strong to put into words, but we’ll keep trying anyway!

 Give your mom the gift of a little luxury this Mother’s Day with Wren & Char - from our beautiful mothers to yours!


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