The Story So Far

Women’s lifestyle, realistic prices, a business rooted in friendship. Say hello to WREN & CHAR!

We’re a pair of fashion-inspired, creativity-driven and self-made business women, brought together as childhood best friends. Despite the challenges we’ve faced, we’re thriving. That’s why our brand is all about uniqueness and positivity - just like our personalities. In the face of the pandemic, we made our business dreams a reality, delivering fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products to women all over the US.

 A Lasting Friendship

We’re Wrenna and Alex, and together, we created WREN & CHAR. We’re the faces (and brains!) behind the business, and have been friends since we were kids. Who would have thought those two little girls who met on a balance beam in gymnastics class would become such incredible business soulmates?

Our sisterly love and our mission to lead happy, fulfilling lives led us to create a brand that embodies both positivity and self-care. Having been models with degrees in both marketing and interior design, we indulged our passion for fashion and lifestyle, sharing it with the world.

As parents of teenagers, we’ve spent a lot of time dedicating our energy to raising two incredible families. But now the kids are older, we decided it was time to finally embark on that business venture we’ve always dreamed of. And here we are today!

Of course, things don’t always go to plan in life, but as a pair, we’ll try our hand at anything. We’re self-made, self-taught and driven by our mission to celebrate the beauty of all women.

 Making the Best of a Bad Situation

In what felt like the same breath, the pandemic took center stage the moment we set off on our business journey. Naturally, we were devastated, especially since one of us lives in New York and the other in Florida. The dream had been on hold for so long and it felt like the world just wasn’t on our side. But we were adamant we wouldn’t let that stop us.

So, we turned to each other and reminded ourselves of our favorite mantra:

 “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

We made the most of state recommendations to stay inside, building our dream business from our homes, over 1000 miles apart. Day and night, we worked tireless to bring it to life, sharing virtual ideas and creating an entire website without professional help.

Knowing how much effort we’ve invested makes us truly proud of what WREN & CHAR is today. Our business is so authentically us. It represents two women who are full of ideas, love and positivity.

 Building a Business

Our lives as business women are powered by fun and an enthusiasm for the dream we’ve created. Every morning we meet at 9 on the dot, coffee in hand, and ready to bring beautiful products to the women’s lifestyle market. Everything is done collaboratively, from inventory and stock take, right up to the content we upload on site and ship out from our New York warehouse. The only thing we don’t manage ourselves is our seasonal covers, which are shot and created by our incredible Malibu-based photographer. They help craft our vision perfectly, knowing exactly what to do to bring our concepts to life!

We adore unique gifts, timeless fashion, and beauty that makes women feel every part as special as they deserve to. Between raising teenagers and balancing our busy schedules, we communicate and collaborate, creating a business that’s designed to serve the modern woman.

We handpick each and every one of our products, delivering beautiful, fine-quality items at realistic prices. We believe every woman deserves to feel special, and that we all need to enjoy a little luxury from time to time. That’s why we’re committed to making that happen, no matter what.

 Our Product Picks

When setting off on our two-woman mission, we vowed to only ever sell products that we would use, love and recommend ourselves. Our goal was to curate collections that slot seamlessly into our customers’ lives, while adding a touch of something special.

One of Alex’s favorites are the Brenda Jogger Sweatpants. Doubling up as loungewear and the perfect errand-running outfit, you’ll rarely see her without them. We’re so glad stay-at-home fashion is now a thing! 100% cotton, and elasticized in all the right places - it's safe to say they’re a firm favorite.

Though she’s also a lover of sweatpants too, Wrenna is a sucker for great skincare. She simply can’t get enough of our Phytoretinol Bakuchiol Vegan Oil Serum - one of the star products from our Relax + Beauty line. She lives for the hydration and radiance it blesses your skin with, even after long nights spent working on the business!

At Wren & Char, we put our hearts and minds into everything we do. This isn’t a job for us - it’s truly a dream come true.

Authenticity, realistic prices and our very one personal touch makes this business unique. It’s driven by our lifelong friendship and our commitment to bringing beautiful products to beautiful women.

We’re so glad to meet you.


Online shopping at it’s easiest and most affordable for quality products. Cute story, guys!

Leah April 25, 2021

My favorites store to find Bohemian clothes. The face oils have changed my skin dramatically! Thank you Wrenna and Alex

Sheila McDonald February 22, 2021

Great story and attention to detail. I’ve been very satisfied with all the clothing and products I’ve ordered from the candles, to the loungewear, etc. Wren & Char succeed at conveying that personal touch.

Linda February 22, 2021

Wonderful store.

Lisa Harris February 22, 2021

This is how it’s done. I’m tired of the celebrity websites selling overpriced products. Super nice store. Thank you for bringing them into my home. Kristin

Kristin February 20, 2021

Beautiful store. I love reading stories like this. Your company will go far. – Pam

Pamela Able February 20, 2021

Love this. An inspirational story.

Tina Bowersock February 20, 2021

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