Why Breast Cancer Awareness is So Important to Us

October is an important month in the US for many reasons. The changing seasons mean pumpkin-picking becomes a priority and cozysweaters return as a wardrobe staple, but this month means a lot more to us than that.  

Every October marks the beginning of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and presents an opportunity for us to make the impacts of this deadly disease known.  

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in American women, except for the more prevalent skin varieties. The average risk of a woman in the United States developing breast cancer in her lifetime is 13% – meaning there’s a 1 in 8 chance of experiencing it.

Today we wanted to share more about our personal connection to breast cancer, and how we’re doing our bit to make a difference.

The Loss of Our Precious Sammy

Like many of you reading this blog, we’ve been impacted deeply by the sadness and pain caused by this tragic disease. In recent years, both of our mothers were diagnosed with breast cancer. While they were both lucky enough to overcome it, we understand that so many others are not.

We had another incredible person in our lives who wasn’t as lucky and was taken away too soon by stage 4 breast cancer. Sammy was our soul mate and soul sister. She dedicated years of her life to feeding the homeless, pursuing her artistic talents and living in the free-spirited way she always had. Her lust for life was like no other, made all the more devastating when we lost her to breast cancer complications.

This loss stays with us every single day. Sammy truly was like a sister to us.

Our Way of Making a Difference

In dedication to our beautiful Sammy, we’re raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation this month. We are featuring a t-shirt that exemplifies the feeling Sam inspired in us and the key to battling this terrible illness: HOPE.

50% of the proceeds of these t-shirts will be donated directly to this charity in Sam’s honor. We hope you’ll purchase one and join us in the fight against breast cancer.

Get Your Beautiful Boobies Checked

To finish this blog, we’d like to leave you with an important reminder.

Many women suffer the detrimental effects of breast cancer because they are unaware that they have it. Getting to know our bodies can seem rather taboo, but it’s so important to have a feel so you can notice when things change.

Book your yearly mammogram, keep an eye on yourself and always tell a doctor if you think something’s wrong. You can never be too cautious.  

Thanks for reading about our breast cancer campaign and why it’s so important to us. Visit our website now to order your t-shirt and let’s stay hopeful together.

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